New evosax paper & v.0.1.0 release 🐘


Super excited to share evosax release v.0.1.0 and an accompanying paper, which covers all the features and summarizes recent progress in hardware accelerated evolutionary optimization! The new additions include:

  • Many new evolution strategies including ASEBO, Guided ES, Discovered ES, FR-CM-NES
  • Many new genetic algorithms including MR-1/5-GA, SAMR-GA, GESMR-GA
  • Wrappers for gymnax-powered fitness rollouts & evosax β†’ EvoJAX compatible strategies
  • Improved default hyperparameter settings
  • All BBOB benchmarking functions in JAX
  • Restart wrappers including IPOP and BIPOP
  • Indirect encodings including MLP hypernetworks

Checkout the repository and the arxiv preprint.